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Professor Mohamedou lectures on the evolution of ISIS at Sciences Po Grenoble

On Thursday Feb 11, GCSP Deputy Director Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou presented his findings on the evolution of ISIS to a full audience at Sciences Po Grenoble. 

His lecture, entitled "Making Sense of ISIS: Conflictuality, Transnationalism and New International Relations" highlighted several key concerns for the international community regarding the Islamic State phenomenon. Prof Mohamedou, a leading expert on ISIS, analysed the implications for future conflicts beyond the Levant. He warns of a new tendancy in international security affairs of a ‘dynamic transnationalism’ which allows for the projection of violence internationally, as in the case of ISIS. Prof Mohamedou shows several key elements which support ISIS’ migration abroad, namely the group’s relationship with Al Qaeda, the gradual mutation of conflicts in Syria and Iraq, and the myriad sources of financing.