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Public Speaking for Increased Impact

‘I forced myself to confront my fear of speaking publicly. I received new feedback that was extremely constructive and the keynote presentation offered useful bits of wisdom in an entertaining and engaging way,’ said one workshop participant.

‘Inspiring Women Leaders: Public Speaking for Increased Impact’ was the first workshop of 2018. Led by Fleur Heyworth, Gender and Inclusive Security Cluster Leader, Peter Cunningham, Leadership and Strategy Cluster Leader and Jennifer Clickner, Founder and Director of iCommunicate, the workshop on 23 January started with a lunch, then a keynote speech by Jennifer Clickner. In small groups, participants practiced a speech which they had prepared in advance. Each participant received feedback from facilitators and their peers and had the chance to practice their speech again. Participants also had the unique experience of being filmed so they could review the footage.

Fleur Heyworth commented, ‘Following our two-day leadership course for women in October, we realised there was a demand for follow up by participants both to maintain contact with one another and continue to build on the skills gained.’ She continued, ‘We are now developing an ‘Inspiring Women Leaders’ series of workshops, and courses where participants become part of a community and are able to continue on a journey of personal and professional growth. Participants are invited back to GCSP events regularly as alumni, and we are growing connections and information sharing through a LinkedIn Group. We are planning another workshop this spring, a two-day course will follow in October 2018.'

One participant, Vanessa Tribet, CEO of Outdooria, practiced her public speaking in a video interview with the GCSP post-workshop.

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