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Successful New Course on Security and Law

From 23 to 25 October 2017, the GCSP successfully held a new course “Legal Dimensions of Contemporary and Future Use of Force” for 28 participants from 18 countries.

Led by Tobias Vestner, Cluster Leader within the Security and Law Programme at the GCSP, the course offered cutting-edge training on the international legal rules applicable to the use of force. With contributions of Mr Jean Pierre Chenel (International Committee of the Red Cross) and Dr Christina Schori Liang, among others, the course presented the complexity of the international law on the use of force, as well as its effects and limits, in a straightforward manner and helped the participants develop the necessary skills to work effectively with legal concepts and documents. Particularly outstanding was the engagement of Professor Stuart Casey-Maslen, who accompanied the course throughout. His expertise and interactive teaching interlinked the various subjects of the course and engaged the participants.  

The executive programme brought together diplomats, legal researchers and advisors, military officers, as well as police officers and jailers from 18 different countries and all continents. The exceptional combination of people from different professions and nations, together with the world-class speakers, created a unique learning experience according to the ‘GCSP way’, where knowledge, experience and expertise from around the world are brought together.

According to a participating Lieutenant-Colonel from a Ministry of Defence, it was the first time he interacted with, discussed and learned from a diverse group of participants rather than exclusively from military personnel. He noted that he gained enriching and interesting new insights and understanding of different views and opinions, which he will take back to his country. Another participant, an Air Force Legal Adviser, underlined his satisfaction with the course: “I will try to come back to the GCSP very soon. If not me, I will support colleagues from my unit to attend courses at the GCSP – they are very important and helpful.”

The GCSP will continue to engage with the new GCSP Alumni, and wishes them success in their professional careers. The GCSP is eager to continue strengthening the implementation and understanding of international law in the security realm through its Security and Law activities.