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Through the Looking Glass

From 30 February to 2 March the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) had the pleasure of hosting the Geneva edition of the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)’s course, “Leading for Organizational Impact: the Looking Glass Experience.”

Bringing together private and public sector leaders from five continents (North and South America, Europe, Africa & the Middle East/Asia), the course used personal leadership styles as a launching point to address some of the key challenges that can impede organisational impact.

“The course really focused on self-awareness,” said CCL faculty member and leadership coach, Bernard Cooke. “It was a chance for participants to look inward and decide what type of leader that they would like to become and to establish what type of leadership style they would like to employ, and some of the reactions were phenomenal as a result.”

To achieve this, participants immersed themselves for five days in a simulated organization, making decisions and influencing others. Peer and coaching observations helped participants learn how they were perceived and the impact of their leadership styles and behaviors.

The course was offered in Geneva as part of a joint initiative between GCSP and CCL to advance the effectiveness of leadership in the peace and security sector.

“This was quite a diverse group of participants from many different backgrounds, functions and experiences,” said CCL Faculty Team Manager, Regina Eckert, PhD. “It was a wonderful demonstration of the Alliance being forged between CCL and the GCSP and how pooling our resources together can be beneficial to all involved.”

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Photo: Charlotte Schrauben