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Visit of a retired German Four-Star General

On invitation of German Defence Secondee GCSP, Colonel (GS) Dipl.-Kfm (univ) Stefan C.P. Hinz, the German Four-Star General rtd Dipl.-Kfm (univ) Hans-Lothar Domröse made a visit to GCSP on 23th March 2017.

"NATO in times of change" was the title of a lecture which Domröse gave to the European Security Course (ESC), one of GCSP’s flagship courses. The General, former Commander Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum, pointed out the fundamental changes of the global security policy situation and the emerging challenges for especially the European part of the Alliance.

The following discussion saw an intensive exchange of opinions with the course participants from 21 countries of the world. Especially highlighted were the crisis in Ukraine, the fight against terrorism and the migration crisis.

The retired General also met Director GCSP, Ambassador Christian Dussey. Domröse stressed that he was impressed by the diversity and intellectual agility of the course participants. A second engagement of the General during the Annual Senior Officers Seminar (ASOS) in September 2017 was endorsed.