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Who is the Geneva Leadership Alliance?

Esther Goette, Geneva Leadership Alliance Associate

At the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) we have 18 thematic clusters including Leadership. Dive in deeper with our one of the team members of the Geneva Leadership Alliance, Ms Esther Goette who has helped design our upcoming executive education course in Geneva on ‘Lead and Influence with Impact’ in partnership with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).


GCSP: Why did you choose to enter this field?/What got you into this field?

I spent 20 years as a Global Marketing employee in large organisations, and in my most recent roles, at a senior leadership level. When I trained to become a coach and an expert in people development, I noticed the need and desire in people to grow and further themselves. I noticed this particularly in the areas of self-leadership and in the area of impact on their teams and society.

The area of influencing has gained more and more momentum with the appearance of Matrix organizations, and cross-sector collaborations: people do not hold authoritative power over others, and instead need to utilize other tools to be influential and move their agenda forward.

GCSP: What is your role at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy?

I am an associate which means I co-facilitate training modules, and I coach as well.

GCSP: Tell us more about the courses you run?

So far I have been contributing to ‘Lead and Influence for Impact’ with the Geneva Leadership Alliance; I am also involved with a one of GCSP’s two month courses the ‘European Security Course’ (ESC).

GCSP: How do you see leadership and influence shaping the future?

Influencing is becoming a more and more critical skill as the world is moving stronger and faster towards vertical collaboration with sometimes unexpected players in surprising circumstances. Connections may only last a short time, and be project-based, so no formal relationships might be able to be established.

GCSP: What have you learnt from the participants in your courses? What is your biggest takeaway?

The diversity of nationalities of participants in the course is amazing and I am very impressed by people’s commitment to learn.

GCSP: What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

It was: “Do you want to translate other people’s thoughts, or would you rather choose a profession where you can contribute your own?”

GCSP: What’s the next challenge for your path in leadership?

I am just about to get involved in Crisis Management.