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Who is the Geneva Leadership Alliance?

Miriam Fugfugosh, Associate

At the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) we have 18 thematic clusters including Leadership. Dive in deeper with our one of our Associates, Ms Miriam Fugfugosh who is co-directing our upcoming executive education course in Geneva on ‘Lead and Influence with Impact’ in partnership with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).

Name: Miriam Fugfugosh

Employer: Freelance Facilitator for Workshops, Dialogue and Training

Education: MA in International Security Policy; Certifications in Conflict Transformation, Leadership Development, FIRO-B

Fun Fact: I am currently completing a Master’s in English Literature at the University of Geneva.

Contact information: fugfugosh@gmail.com

GCSP: Why did you choose to enter this field?/What got you into this field?

I have always wanted to help create a more equitable and peaceful world. I have worked in education, community outreach, dialogue, peacebuilding and development on four continents for over twenty years. I believe that my value-added to our global community is facilitating learning moments and building bridges between people.

GCSP: What is your role at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy?

I currently enjoy consulting with the Centre on projects around leadership, political advising as well as curriculum development and course direction. I worked as a full-time staff member at the GCSP from 2005-2016 directing various courses on the international security policy landscape. I worked on establishing the cluster of activities around gender, collaborating on the creation of the GCSP-CCL Leadership Alliance, and expanding course offerings to include a women’s leadership course and open-enrolment modules on political advising.

GCSP: Tell us more about the courses you run?

For the GCSP, I am currently involved in two main lines of executive education: leadership development and political advising.

With the GCSP-CCL Leadership Alliance, I contribute to the design and facilitation of courses on individual and team leadership development. These explore topics such as expanding influence, strengthening resilience, decision making, leading with authenticity, deepening self-awareness and building trust.

I also design and deliver courses tailored to professionals in political advisory roles in governments and international organisations. Typical sessions include conflict and political analysis, negotiation, mediation, intelligence analysis, briefing, speechwriting, messaging, reporting, and of course advising.

Substantive backgrounds and critical thinking abilities are only part of the requirements for effective professionals, no matter the field. A skillset including effective analysis and communication as well as enhanced interpersonal competence are also needed to be impactful. The themes of leadership and advising that I focus on at the GCSP have these needs in common.

GCSP: How do you see effective leadership shaping the future?

I believe that effective leadership and high-quality analysis and advising will remain essential skills in our increasingly interconnected, challenging and fast-paced world. In fact, individuals who are skilled in these areas are likely to be those to shape the future – or at a minimum be their advisors.

GCSP: What have you learnt from the participants in your courses? What is your biggest takeaway?

It’s not about conveying knowledge, but creating it. To make this possible, I strive to be consistently creative in how I facilitate spaces to ensure that everyone has successful learning moments. This includes drawing on the wealth of experience in the room and ensuring a safe and inclusive space for all to contribute.

GCSP: What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

I have two! ‘Each one teach one’ & ‘Life is what happens when you’re making other plans’

GCSP: Why are you passionate about effective leadership? Why does it make a difference for you personally or professionally?

I am passionate about life-long learning and personal growth. My hope is that by creating space and opportunities for others to learn, grow and connect, I will contribute to a more peaceful, equitable, harmonious world.