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Who is the Geneva Leadership Alliance?

Ines Gassal-Bosch, Alliance Coordinator

At the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) we have 18 thematic clusters including Leadership. Dive in deeper with our one of the team members of the Geneva Leadership Alliance, Ms Ines Gassal-Bosch.

Name: Ines Gassal-Bosch

Education: MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies & BA in Modern Languages (University of Oxford)

Current Job Title: JPO, Leadership & Inclusive Security

Fun Fact: I can dance salsa nonstop for 10 hours


GCSP: Why did you choose to enter this field?

It was my intellectual curiosity about the field of peace and security that drove me to the GCSP. Having completed my studies at Oxford in July 2017, I moved to Geneva to take part in the DAAD’s Carlo-Schmid-Programme at UNHCR. Just across the road, there was the GCSP. The more I have learnt about it, the more I became enthusiastic about the GCSP’s interdisciplinary orientation, its position at the crossroads of the worlds of policy making and academia, and its impressive network of people dedicated to creating positive impacts in the world. So it was with great excitement that I joined the GCSP in February 2018.

GCSP: What is your role at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy?

I am supporting the Geneva Leadership Alliance and the GCSP Gender and Inclusive Security Cluster. I assist in conducting research, coordinating courses and workshops, and drafting papers and articles for publication that translate complex research findings into actionable insights for the benefit of policy and change-makers from across the globe.

GCSP: Tell us more about the courses you help run?

Our courses support participants in their quest to become better leaders, helping them to bring out the best in themselves and unlock potentials in others. Among many other things, our wide-ranging portfolio equips participants to turn their strategy into reality and align others behind a common vision. It enables participants to leverage diversity and rise beyond glass ceilings and gendered obstacles to the next level of their careers. Focused on real-world challenges, our courses offer a multifaceted learning experience that combines highly interactive sessions with expert-led feedback and coaching.

GCSP: How do you see leadership shaping the future?

The performance and future trajectory of any team, organisation or country depends, to a large extent, on its leadership. The Geneva Leadership Alliance seeks to enable leaders across sectors, and especially those promoting peace, security and development, to navigate the adverse dynamics of today and progress towards a better tomorrow. For a safer world, we need inclusive leadership adept at building bridges of understanding and creating common ground amidst diversity; we need leaders capable of facilitating a collaborative approach to the complex security threats we face today. The Geneva Leadership Alliance equips leaders with the capabilities to tackle today’s challenges. It provides experts and practitioners from diverse fields with a platform for combining their efforts in building a sustainable future.

GCSP: What have you learnt from the participants in your courses?

Our courses bring together impressive individuals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. I find it an invigorating experience to work with them and learn from the wealth of experience, knowledge and fresh ideas that they bring to the classroom.

GCSP: What is the best piece of advice you were ever given?

With every obstacle, there comes an opportunity to learn and grow. Or, as the German writer Goethe put it: “Even stones placed in one’s path can be used to build something beautiful” I derive from this advice my willingness to look past adverse situations and reframe them as opportunities to create positive change.