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Balkans, Turquie, Monde arabe. Les réseaux sociaux: ambitions et limites


Dr Mihaela Nedelcu, Mr Hasni Abidi, and Ibrahim Soysüren

Release Date:

July 2016

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In Western Europe young generations tend to abandon the traditional political tools in favour of social media in order to express their opinion and take part in the debate. That is also the case in the Balkans, in Turkey and in the Arab world.
In the Balkans, social media play a role of facilitator in order to shape a project initiated by civil society while the situation in Turkey is a little more complex as social media are as much used by political authorities, who are limiting and controling their access, as by young generations. The South and the East of the Mediterranean Sea are a good example of the creation of a whole new society around an independent, apolitical and nonreligious project after the Arab Spring, even though it faces a lot of difficulties to be implemented in terms of democratic change at a systemic level.