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Can Geneva Become Again the City of Disarmament?

An Article by Marc Finaud

Release Date:

June 2018

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Geneva Centre for Security Policy Senior Advisor, Marc Finaud, was published in the June 2018 edition of the “UN Special” Magazine. The issue takes a deep dive into the future of disarmament.

In his editorial entitled, “Can Geneva Become Again the City of Disarmament,” Mr Finaud, a former French diplomat and expert on arms proliferation in the Middle East, states that while the City of Geneva has been at the center of the most important disarmament agreements since the end of World War I, the paralysis of the Conference on Disarmament (CD in the last two decades has resulted in the international community seeking alternative venues for new initiatives.  Citing historic agreements and protocols, he explains why actions should be taken to revitalize the city’s role as a center of peace.

Additionally, Mr Adam Koniuszewski also is featured in the same issue discussing the significance of human rights advocate, General Tadeusz Kosciuszko, the builder of West Point, the world’s most famous military academy. Mr Koniuszewski is a GFI Executive-in-Residence at the GCSP.

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