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Le développement durable comme exemple de gouvernance globale

Geneva Hub for Democracy Highlight Paper


René Longet

Release Date:

March 2017

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In Western countries three main visions confront each other:

  1. The neoliberal one, that focuses on market forces in order to bring people prosperity and security;
  2. The neonationalist one, of which a main element is the concept of the Nation-State and its components: protection, unity and competitiveness; and
  3. The globalised one, that tends to instate regulation mechanisms according to human values, such as individual responsibility, or equal rights and chances.

This last vision - that was developed after World War II - is mainly promoted by the United Nations and other international organisations, as it seems to be the only one assuring a viable and bearable world for each of us. In this approach, sustainable development is one of the main concepts appropriate to apprehend our world.