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Les enjeux démocratiques du transhumanisme

Geneva Hub for Democracy Policy Papers No.3/2016


François Saint-­Ouen

Release Date:

June 2016

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“Transhumanism” is an ideology, increasingly promoted by scientists and large companies active in nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, information technologies and cognitive sciences (NBICs), that aims to transform the human condition and, ultimately, the human being. But What are the predictable consequences for the future of democracy?

This article shows that it corresponds to a longstanding ambition of our western civilization. Nevertheless, there are inherent dangers for democracy because of the risk of massive manipulation of citizens, if one day their brain, for instance, is directly hooked up to a computer. It is thus important to make a clear distinction between the reasonable objective of aiming to improve the human condition (better health, new economic perspectives, etc…) and the very risky ideology seeking to transform human beings into posthuman beings.