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Multidimensional and Integrated Peace Operations: Trends and Challenges

GCSP Geneva Paper 1


Release Date:

January 2008

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The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, organised the third in a series of regional seminars on trends and challenges related to UN multidimensional and integrated peace operations in Geneva.

The seminar focused particularly on the progress made towards implementing integrated missions to date and provided the opportunity for interaction between UN actors and humanitarian organisations, necessary because there is often contested ground between military, political and humanitarian actors in these operations. It also addressed issues relating to how the need for a more closely integrated approach to UN peace operations can be reconciled with the need to safeguard the independence and impartiality of humanitarian efforts.

The seminar brought together high-level participants from UN agencies, humanitarian and development organisations, academic research institutes, and non-governmental institutions based in both Geneva and Rome.

The meeting was also able to draw on the insights of a number of former and current UN officials with managing experience in missions as diverse as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Sudan, Afghanistan, East Timor, Nepal, Haiti, and Liberia. In addition, a number of participants from relevant institutions, including European development, military, and police establishments, actively participated.