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The Economic Dimension of Peacebuilding: The UN Peacebuilding Commission in Search of Its Identity

Strategic Security Analysis - 2017 n°2


Dr Tarcisio Gazzini

Release Date:

March 2017

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Key Points:

  • The United Nations (UN) Advisory Group of Experts considers the progress made by the Peacebuilding Commission established by the UN in 2005 to be unsatisfactory.
  • The UN requires a fresh look at the economic dimension of the peacebuilding process in order to reconsider the conceptual framework of the Peacebuilding Commission.
  • It seems appropriate to move away from the essentially intergovernmental perspective that has thus far distinguished the activities of the Peacebuilding Commission, in favour of broader participation by all stakeholders and the full involvement of the private sector.
  • While the importance of donor economic assistance cannot be overestimated, especially in the short term, the peacebuilding process must have a broader vision and ensure the sustainable, long-term economic development of affected countries.