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When the Great Reserve Crisis unfolds: Strategic reserve repositories as quintessential backups in future crises

Authored by Nico Segers


Nico Segers

Release Date:

April 2018

The article was authored by Nico Segers (ITC 2015 alumnus)


Resource conflicts have been documented for centuries. Historical sieges on towns or fortified centers of political and military power would often test the battered adversary’s limit to remain self-sufficient and provide sufficient food and potables for the inhabitants, in order to maintain their stand. Cutting off supply lines, water aqueducts, or poisoning basins or wells by belligerents were part of a strategy for defeating an enemy forced into a mostly defensive posture behind fortifications and walls. The common wisdom forecasts that it’s wise to always retain a rate of spared “back-up” assets and resources when society experiences critical shocks. This article examines the current agenda for strategic reserves in two areas: energy and food, essential to sustain human activity. First follows a treatise on transportable liquid energy deposits within NATO compared to other major proven reserves in the world. What are the dangers of the U.S. forfeiting on those reserves by stripping away volumes to master the federal budget?"

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