Media and Arts for Peace

Why media and the arts for peace?

At the GCSP, we believe that to create a culture of peace, we must first imagine it and communicate it. Using our imagination allows us to find creative solutions and innovative approaches for positive transformational change and sustainable peace.

The interplay of media and the arts can provide a potentially powerful medium through which peacebuilding practitioners can make their work more meaningful, transformative, and sustainable. Today, the development of digital technology and alternative media offers new tools and methods for creative self-expression; these empower ordinary citizens and other non-state actors to mobilise action with unprecedented speed and access. At the same time, the scope and nature of conflicts have also evolved and expanded, as has the way the world now learns and disseminates information about conflict prevention, conflicts and post-conflict stages. Those interested in building peace must appreciate how new platforms have magnified the power of the arts to facilitate new perspectives, break down barriers, foster dialogue, and cultivate empathy. 

The Media and Arts for Peace Initiative will advance ways to connect peace, human rights, security, media and arts in an environment where we can reflect on new, more creative and innovative ways of dealing with the issues the world is facing. Partner with us to spread the transformative power of media and the arts for a better, safer world.


Ms Honey Al Sayed
Creative Consultant, Producer, Coach and Award-Winning National Radio Host from Syria

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Opened 25 May 2017
Media and Arts for Peace

Keeping the Peace through Media and Arts


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