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You can gain a holistic view of security, or delve into a specific issue. We design interactive experiential learning opportunities to address your real life challenges, and equip you with the mindset to anticipate future ones. Our courses give you a flavour of our expertise and possibilities to develop a more customised solution for your environment.

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Land, Security and Climate Summer Academy

Critical Incident Management

Lead Strategically in Turbulent Times

Leverage Diversity to Increase Performance

Crisis Management : Navigating the Storm : Singapore

Geopolitics and Global Futures Symposium 2019

We are facing a global leadership crisis today. There is urgent need for a radically expanded understanding of what leadership means and who can lead.
Peace Operations and Peacebuilding
In an increasingly challenging world, we need to strengthen our capabilities for impactful prevention, peacemaking, peacebuilding and peace operations. It’s time to focus and deliver.
Arms Proliferation
The uncontrolled accumulation and spread of all categories of weapons have a devastating humanitarian impact and strategically destabilising consequences.
Effective Governance
Governments and State officials face on-going, far-reaching, interlinked and transformational security challenges. They require forward-thinking and innovative solutions.
Neuroscience has made tremendous advances in recent decades, bringing us unprecedented insights into the human brain and general human nature.

Global Risk and Resilience
Global risks at the nexus of geopolitics and technology are increasingly disruptive as they exhibit rapid growth, unpredictability, diffusions from state to non-state actors and require a security policy paradigm shift from defence to resilience.
The Future of Outer Space Security
The relevance of space to human existence is self-evident, and increasingly so. Communications, meteorology, GPS technologies - each of these critical sectors’ reliance on space technology is so profound that only a few hours of space-based asset disruption would melt down financial markets, cause billions of dollars in losses, and endanger human life (civilian aviation, military operations).
Transformative Technologies
In recent decades, the pace of technological innovation has grown at an exponential rate. Some technologies, such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence have been enablers of innovation in various fields.
Strategic Anticipation
The global security environment is changing at a fast pace. Actors need to move from spending too much time reacting, to more proactively identifying the emerging security issues that may affect them.
Defence and Diplomacy
In a world where power politics take precedence over negotiation, there is a need to keep discussion channels open. Between armed forces, cultures, and regions.
Cyber Security
Our “wired” world is opening up new, exciting opportunities and complex security challenges. Successfully navigating today’s digital landscape will help us build a more secure tomorrow.
Human Security
The human security dimension is an essential part of contemporary policymaking if we wish to achieve sustainable peace.
Crisis Management
When a crisis hits, how will you manage? We cannot predict when the next crisis event might occur. But we can be better prepared... and mitigate the risk of failure.
Terrorism and Organised Crime
Criminal and terrorist groups are threatening cities and prolonging conflicts challenging human security worldwide. Weak states, technology, media, ideology, and exclusion advance their power.
Diplomatic Tradecraft
In an age of geopolitical disruption, diplomacy is fast changing and increasingly digital, within an environment of complex interconnected challenges.
Security and Law
We help global leaders navigate legal complexities in the evolving security landscape and make them more effective at mastering legal constraints and opportunities.
Gender & Inclusive Security
In an unequal gendered world, the challenge of creating greater inclusion and equality transcends governments, organisations and society. It is personal, political and cultural.
Customised Solution

Are you looking to develop individual capabilities or increase your organisational impact?  We co-create solutions that meet your needs and aspirations, with you. 

The Creative Spark

How often do we lack imagination to connect the dots, approach problems from a different perspective and design innovative solutions?

Diplomatic Dialogue

In addition to organising executive courses, the GCSP leverages its location in Geneva to serve as a platform for dialogue and debate.