Expert Profile

Mr Daniel GLAUS
Position(s) 10 vor 10, SFR

Daniel Glaus is Investigative Journalist with Swiss Radio and Television "SRF" (Switzerland's public broadcaster) specializing in Security Issues. He has been reporting on Violent Extremism in Switzerland for several years uncovering numerous Foreign Fighter cases as well as terror plots on Swiss soil. Daniel is also covering criminal cases, is reporting on human and drug trafficking and current affairs with regards on Near and Middle East. However, Daniel's background is rather down to earth: in his teens he passed a professional education with ABB as Mechanic and went back to school only years after to graduate in Business Economics from University of Applied Sciences Lucerne. Before his move to "SRF" he spent around ten years in Print Media in Switzerland, from daily news outlets to weekly magazines. Daniel completed numerous continuing educations both in Investigative Reporting (e.g. with Columbia University's Journalism School in NYC) and in the field of Security Issues.