Expert Profile

Mr Michael Stavneak
Position(s) Director, Women Rehabilitation Organization (WRO), Iraq

Michael Stavneak is an executive leader with over 23 years of private and not-for-profit sector experience in economic development, international relations, and global aid delivery. He has served in a range of leadership roles across Africa and Asia, including as Head of Mission, Regional Manager, and as an Executive Representative for one of the largest CSOs in the Middle East. Mr. Stavneak focuses on enhancing authentic localization efforts to challenge conventional global development delivery and social responsibility norms. With this goal in mind, he has spearheaded dozens of projects to provide community-based civil society organizations with the tools and resources needed to empower local women and other underserved groups. Above all, Mr. Stavneak’s efforts are motivated by core human rights values such as fundamental freedoms for all, eradicating poverty, ending violence against women, and improving access to healthcare and education. He is driven by the conviction that these rights can best be achieved through localized self-determination, resiliency-building, socioeconomic growth, and grassroots empowerment. Mr. Stavneak holds master’s degrees in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid and in International Affairs and Diplomacy. He is also currently pursuing a Global Master of Business Administration.

Participating in upcoming course/event
27 June 2022