Expert Profile

Ms Chloe McDonald
Position(s) MA Candidate in Security, Intelligence & Strategic Studies, University of Glasgow

Chloe McDonald is from South Ayrshire, Scotland. Her main areas of interest are cybersecurity, organised crime, terrorism and psychological warfare. Chloe graduated BA-Hons in Criminology in 2015, with her main focus being cybercrimes and crime prevention methods. Chloe is now on the 2nd year of her Masters, studying Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies. She is currently conducting research for her dissertation on the effective policing of cybercrimes, looking at whether the police are being undermined or becoming obsolete in the face of online vigilantism and private security consultants. Chloe has past experience co-ordinating and organising simulation exercises (GLOBE), expert lectures and various other university events. She also has past work experience with Police Scotland, researching information on old missing persons cases, while mentoring younger students in research and presentation skills and supporting vulnerable adults in their technology skills. 

Participating in upcoming course/event
20 April 2021