Expert Profile

Ms Giulia Ferraro
Position(s) Human rights lawyer and mediation expert

Giulia has a legal background in commercial and human rights law. She began her career in the private sector and worked for two years for a commercial law firm in Melbourne, Australia where she provided legal advice and support on commercial and corporate governance matters, including on corporate social responsibility. In 2018 she transitioned to international public law and worked on human rights and gender equality issues for an NGO in Sri Lanka where she drafted reports on the empowerment and inclusion of female leaders in the social, public, and private sectors. Giulia also covered the Colombian conflict and completed a 6-months field research to investigate how local and international actors are implementing transitional justice and peacebuilding strategies in the aftermath of the 2016 peace agreement. Currently based in Geneva, she is conducting research on armed groups and international law (human rights, gender, international humanitarian law) for the NGO Fight for Humanity and supporting the drafting of related training modules. Giulia was born in Italy and received her law degree at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan where she defended her comparative master thesis on the transfer of undertakings and protection of employees in Italy and the UK. She continued her academic specialization in mediation and negotiation at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK. Subsequently, she majored in international law and conflict resolution at the University of Melbourne in Australia where she completed a Master of Laws and a Graduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution.