Expert Profile

Ms Indré Karciauskaité
Position(s) Government Affairs Manager, Politic Matters, Brussels

Indré Karciauskaité is a Government Affairs Manager within Brussels-based Public Affairs company Politics Matters. In her role of Government Affairs Manager, Indre advices representatives from different sectors (non-government, private, academic and national) and leads advocacy efforts with EU and national authorities on better health security preparedness, inclusive healthcare, EU's role in Global Health, emerging health threats. Lithuanian, graduated with Master degree in Geopolitics, International Relations and Political Science from Toulouse and Madrid Universities, Indré has a large multicultural background and can operate in Lithuanian, French, English, Spanish and Italian. During the years within Lithuanian Permanent Representation of Lithuania, Indre has been contributing to the decision making at the highest political level within the team of Permanent Representative. She took one year of  the community work within Ecuadorian NGO “Arajuno Road project” in 2017, where she confronted the  effects of globalization, industrialization and climate change in the very heart of Amazonia. These experiences allowed Indré to acquire expertise in intercultural dialogue, healthy environment building and advocating for reconsideration of resources distribution, including in public health sector. 

Participating in upcoming course/event
27 July 2021