Expert Profile

Ms Nathalie Andria Manantena
Position(s) Diplomatic agent, Head of the Diaspora Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Madagascar

Nathalie Andria-Manantena is a Malagasy diplomat. Since December 2020, she works at the Presidential office as a state protocol. Before this mission, Nathalie was appointed at the Department of Diaspora of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she was in charge of migration and development. Throughout her time in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has been deeply involved in finding ways to apply the benefits of migration to Madagascar’s development. During that period, Nathalie learned about the fragility of migrants and thus started to focus her research on the criminalization of migratory movements. She is currently looking at the issue of criminalization of migration in light of the covid19 pandemic.

Participating in upcoming course/event
23 September 2021