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Topics: Design, Monitoring and Evaluation - Media and Arts for Peace - Geopolitical Leadership

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23 - 25 Oct 2017
Legal Dimensions of Contemporary and Future Use of Force

Incorporate Law into your Analysis, Shape the Global Future

5 - 10 Nov 2017
6 - 8 Nov 2017
Securing Global Cities

Building and Designing Strong Global Cities Together

13 - 17 Nov 2017
Enhancing Leadership for Peacebuilding

Senior Level Course on Peacebuilding

20 Oct 2017
Clouding the Facts: Fake News, Climate Change and (In)Security

Do not miss the chance to discuss one of the biggest issues facing our generation.

30 Oct 2017
Beyond Grantmaking

The Role of Philanthropy in Conflict Prevention and Resolution

1 Nov 2017
Duty of Care

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