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27 Aug - 8 Sep 2017
Swiss Peacebuilding Training Course (SPTC)

A Core Course in Peacebuilding

11 - 13 Sep 2017
10th Annual Senior Officers Seminar (ASOS)

Decision-Making in Complex Environments: Strategic and Operational Challenges

11 - 15 Sep 2017
11 - 13 Sep 2017
Creativity and Statecraft

A Leadership Course for the 21st Century

18 - 20 Sep 2017
Leading and Influencing with Impact, September Edition

Great Leaders Are Great Influencers

18 - 20 Sep 2017
Opened 25 May 2017
Media and Arts for Peace (MAP) - ONLINE and SELF-PACED COURSE

Keeping the Peace through Media and Arts

Opened 3 February 2017
Design, Monitoring and Evaluation for Programming in Fragile Environments - ONLINE and SELF-PACED COURSE

Tools for demystifying design, monitoring and evaluation processes in order to demonstrate success. 

Opened 13 June 2017
Geopolitical Leadership for Organisational Impact (GLOI) - BLENDED COURSE

Think the unthinkable, discover the unpredictable, and deal with the unmanageable…