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11 Feb 2016
GCSP Viewing-Party of TedX Place des Nations

How can innovation help transform lives?

1 Mar 2016
Alumni Reception, Brussels

A reception hosted by His Excellency, Swiss Ambassador to Belgium and to NATO, Christian Meuwly

11 Mar 2016
Alumni Reception, Colombo

Join us for an informal alumni reception

7 - 8 Apr 2016
Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge

The "must-attend" student competition in international cybersecurity policy

28 Apr 2016
1st ITC meets 1st LISC

A unique alumni meeting


Prof. Vitaly Naumkin

"It is important to come to Geneva, to be unbiased and to share views between experts on civil wars and conflicts."

Prof. Vitaly Naumkin, GCSP Associate Fellow
Dr Jon Alterman

"One of the interesting things about Geneva is how many different voices you can bring in."

Dr Jon Alterman, GCSP Associate Fellow
Amb. Jean-David Levitte

“Geneva is a place where peace can be built, and where the suffering of the poorest and weakest is taken into account.”

Amb. Jean-David Levitte, GCSP Associate Fellow