Gender and Inclusive Security

Sustainable peace, security and stability are ensured when the whole of society is represented and free to participate in its own well-being.

In the broad field of governance, specifically at decision-making levels, women and minority groups continue to be underrepresented internationally. Rights and access continue to be impeded by laws, culture and attitude – all of which evolve. Unequal access to education and health, political and economic participation, and vulnerability to violence are some key security challenges that gender inequalities permit.

Through GCSP’s three pillars of executive education, dialogue and applied policy analysis, the Gender and Inclusive Security Cluster enhances understanding of the value of inclusivity and builds capacity in order to realise it. An ‘inclusive security’ gender lens is incorporated into all core security courses and, in November 2016, the GCSP offered an ‘Enhancing Leadership for Women’ Course in partnership with the International Gender Champions network. The participants benefited from the latest innovations in leadership education, high-profile mentors and new relationships and perspectives from across sectors in the heart of international Geneva. The next will be offered 4-6 October 2017.

The Cluster also provides a platform for the voice of gender. It is a space to explore alternate perspectives and insights on Women Peace and Security, to deepen understanding of how gender considerations cut across all professional fields and for leaders to develop strategies, policies and innovative solutions for positive organisational and societal change. Greater inclusion is critical for boosting prosperity, for creating sustainable peace, for ensuring the respect of human rights.

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Ms Fleur Heyworth
Cluster Leader for Gender and Inclusive Security

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