Course and Event Updates

Updated: 5 October 2021 
Please note that this page will be updated as the situation evolves. 

Due to the WHO’s recent declaration of COVID-19/Coronavirus as a pandemic, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health has declared a country ban on any events involving more than 100.

The safety and well-being of our community is our highest priority. We are closely monitoring the situation in Switzerland and in all affected countries and regions. We are doing a thorough risk assessment of all our current and planned activities (courses, workshop, and public discussions).


Please see below a list of all events and courses happening at the GCSP in the next 3 months and their status:

u Course or event maintained online or hybrid

u Course or event postponed

u Course or event cancelled

u Decision pending


u Environment and Security 2021 - A Virtual Learning Journey

u Movement of People and Security - A Virtual Learning Journey

u Leverage Diversity for Increased Performance: A Virtual Learning Journey November 2021

u Looking at the Edge: Understanding the Frontiers of Geopolitical Risk - Virtual Learning Journey 2021

u Legal Dimensions of Contemporary and Future Use of Force 2021

u Meeting the Cyber Security Challenge - A Virtual Learning Journey 2021

u Building Arms Control Capacities in the Middle East and North Africa Region - Amman 2021

u International Disarmament Law 2021

u Weapons Law and the Legal Review of Weapons 2021

u Développement des capacités pour une mise en oeuvre efficace du Traité sur le Commerce des Armes (TCA-ATT) 2021


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You can get status notification by following the Twitter hashtag #GCSPUpdates


Policies and Guidelines

Please see here a reminder of course transfer policy, cancellation policy and health care policy available in our terms and conditions page. In the event of major unforeseen circumstances for instance war, natural disasters, pandemics the following applies:

  • Transfer Policy
    If you are unable to attend, you may request a transfer to another course. The request must be sent in writing to the Course Coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the course you had initially applied for. Your admission to the new course is subject to availability. The Withdrawal Policy remains applicable if no new course is available and you sent us a withdrawal request in writing because you were unable to attend the original course. In addition, you shall bear any additional fees required for enrollment to the new course.

  • Cancellation Policy
    Course dates, fees and experts are subject to change. If a course is cancelled, the GCSP will refund the tuition fee in full but is not responsible for travel, accommodation, or other expenses incurred by the participant.

  • Health care expenses
    I understand that the GCSP does not cover any health care expenses. All participants are responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of valid and adequate insurance (medical, accident, repatriation, liability and health).