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Diplomatic Tradecraft for Non-diplomats 2021 - A Virtual Learning Journey
26 April - 12 May 2021
Looking at the Edge: Understanding the Frontiers of Geopolitical Risk - A Virtual Learning Journey
27 April - 07 May 2021 08h00 - 18h00
New Issues in Security Course (NISC) 2021
03 May - 25 June 2021
Critical Incident Management 2021 - A Virtual Learning Journey
03 - 28 May 2021
Skills Enhancement for Political Advisors (POLADS) - A Virtual Learning Journey
12 May - 10 June 2021
Développement des capacités dans le domaine de la sécurité sanitaire 2021
17 May - 18 June 2021 08h00 - 18h00
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Diplomatic Dialogue

In addition to organising executive courses, the GCSP leverages its location in Geneva to serve as a platform for dialogue and debate.

    The Creative Spark

    How often do we lack imagination to connect the dots, approach problems from a different perspective and design innovative solutions?