IDE4 Association

IDE4 Association

The IDE4 Association is a non-profit organization specialized in the arena of data analytics and visualization.
With a commitment to build and nurture a community of developers and users, it aims to promote knowledge sharing and the development of open-source data visualization and analysis technologies like CSX.
This mission has been conceived and shaped through a mutually beneficial partnership with three organizations: CERN, the Department of Economy and Employment (DEE) of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, and the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP).

About CSX 

Explore your data like never before with advanced retrieval and modification tools. From trimming to expanding graphs, CSX offers founctionalities positionning the technology at the junction between: Information Retrieval, Data Analytics, Graph Analytics, Data Visualization, Graph Visualization and Artificial Intelligence. 
Developed at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland by Aleksandar Bobić led by Dr. Jean-Marie Le Goff and prof. Christian Gütl.
CSX is an open-source software developped under MIT 2.0 license.



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