Terms and Conditions

How can I apply to one or several of your courses? You can apply to all our courses online, via each course dedicated web page. If not possible, or for any question or difficulty you may have, please contact the course coordinator, whose contact details you will find on the page.

  • Withdrawal Policy

    Withdrawal requests must be sent by email to the Course Coordinator.

      Weeks before the beginning of Programme

      Programme fees

      More than 8 weeks 

      Full refund

      8 to 5 weeks

      50% refund

      4 to 2 weeks

      25% refund

      Less than 2 weeks

      Not refundable
  • Transfer Policy

    If you are unable to attend, you may request a transfer to another course. The request must be sent in writing to the Course Coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the course you had initially applied for. Your admission to the new course is subject to availability. The Withdrawal Policy remains applicable if no new course is available and you sent us a withdrawal request in writing because you were unable to attend the original course. In addition, you shall bear any additional fees required for enrollment to the new course.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Course dates, fees and experts are subject to change. If a course is cancelled, the GCSP will refund the tuition fee in full but is not responsible for travel, accommodation, or other expenses incurred by the participant.

  • Health care expenses

    I understand that the GCSP does not cover any health care expenses. All participants are responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of valid and adequate insurance (medical, accident, repatriation, liability and health).

  • Consent Statement

    By attending a GCSP course and subject to the signature of our Multimedia Confirmation of Consent and Release Agreement, I understand and agree that the GCSP reserves the right to take photographs and/or videos, I understand and agree that GCSP has ownership of the photographs and videos and I further grant the GCSP permission to copyright, display, publish, distribute, use, modify, print and reprint the photographs and videos for the purposes of the GCSP's non-profit activities, notably for display in a large format within the GCSP premises, and including (without limitation and without further notice or compensation to participant or attendee) print publications, promotional materials, brochures, web site images, or other electronic displays and transmissions. I understand that no personal information, such as names, will be used in any publications unless express consent is provided. You may find additional information on Copyright Policy on the following webpage: https://www.gcsp.ch/Impressum

  • Collection and use of personal information

    Like many websites, we aggregate information about our users for two purposes - to analyse traffic and user patterns on our website, and to better tailor our products and services to the needs of our user community. Any information we collect locally remains strictly confidential. For further information on our Privacy Policy, you may consult the following webpage: https://www.gcsp.ch/Privacy-Policy. The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) will not sell, rent or release personal information to a third party unless ordered to do so by a Swiss or international court of law. However, usage patterns on the site are monitored using Google Analytics. The GCSP has no control over the information Google collects on our behalf, nor are we liable for the uses Google makes of this information. Please consult Google's privacy policy for more information. You may, however, elect to disable Google Analytics functionalities. For more information you may consult our Privacy Policy referred to above.

    We draw your attention to the fact that the servers of our subcontractors, processors may be located in states whose legislation does not include data protection rules appropriate or equivalent to the LPD or the GDPR.

    If this is the case, we ensure that our subcontractors, processors, provide data protection safeguards and that they apply equivalent or GDPR-compliant standards, regardless of the geolocation of their servers.




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