Publication Series

GCSP Publication Series


Besides research published in academic and policy-oriented journals, the GCSP offers a variety of publication series, namely:


Geneva Papers

The Geneva Papers research series seeks to analyse international security issues through an approach that combines policy analysis and academic rigour. It encourages reflection on new and traditional security issues, such as the globalisation of security, new threats to international security, conflict trends and conflict management, transatlantic and European security, the role of international institutions in security governance and human security. The research series offers innovative analyses, case studies, policy prescriptions and critiques, to encourage global discussion.

Words: 10’000 (12’000-13’000 with endnotes)

Example: Delay, Detect, Defend: Preparing for a Future in which Thousands Can Release New Pandemics


Strategic Security Analyses

The GCSP Strategic Security Analyses series publishes short papers that address a current security issue. These papers provide background information about the theme, identify the main issues and challenges, and propose policy recommendations. These are not academic papers but policy papers whose readers are active professionals. They refer to concrete examples so that the reader can make sense of the argument.

Words: 3’000-5’000 words (5’500 with endnotes)

Example: Securing AI-based Security Systems


Policy Briefs

The content of the series shall address any current policy challenge in global security, ranging from the system level analysis to specific thematic issues, to region-specific issues. It shall include a variety of perspectives and theoretical approaches. The content shall be argumentative but based on solid analysis and backed by appropriate empirical evidence. The Policy Briefs shall also have a high level of granularity to be relevant and useful for policy- and decision-making.

Words: 3’000-3'500 (4'500 with footnotes)

Example: The Future of Multilateralism


In Focus

The series addresses international peace and security related issues that have analytical value in a policy-orientated context. The topics chosen should be relevant for today’s context; draw attention to emerging issues, cutting-edge issues, weak signals that are appearing on the horizon; and/or suggest possible innovations in how we address issues. In the spirit of GCSP’s approach to international security, the series seeks a balance between traditional and non-traditional related security issues and diversity in perspectives (geographical, gender, viewpoints).

Words: 800-1’200 (with hyperlinks)

Example: Global Repercussions of the War in Ukraine


Tailored Studies

This category concerns specific requests for written analysis and policy advice. The publications are tailored to the needs of the partner based on the different areas of expertise of the GCSP. The structure and length of the publications are defined on a case-by-case basis.

Example: The Russia-Ukraine War’s Implications for Global Security