Gender and Inclusive Security
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Gender & Inclusive Security

Inequality and polarisation within and between nations are increasing alongside conflict and insecurity. These interdependencies need to be understood and acted upon to achieve our collective peace and security.

The GCSP established the Gender and Inclusive Security Cluster in 2015 in recognition of the need to address gendered power imbalances to achieve our collective security.  Since then, socio-economic and political gaps have continued to widen within and between countries, and were exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, as highlighted in our numerous policy analyses.

The GCSP is working to integrate the Women Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda and a ‘gender and inclusion lens’ into our core courses, and we work at the nexus of peace, security and leadership to offer to advance the mindsets, skills and behaviours needed to achieve more equitable and sustainable outcomes globally.  Working closely with the Geneva Leadership Alliance, we offer open- enrolment and customised courses for women and men to develop their mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to lead more inclusively. Specifically, we have worked with the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO) and regional women mediator’s networks to deliver our Inspiring Women Leaders course for over 400 women globally, who continue to be under-representation in decision-making. We help them to develop strategies to overcome the gendered barriers they face in their work environments, social, cultural and political life, whilst building resilience and a network of support. We offer a comprehensive Mentoring Guide to all participants to lift others up and have ‘trained the trainer’ to scale impact.

We have also supported over 400 more leaders in inclusive leadership practices, including polarity thinking.  Our customisable workshop Leveraging Diversity to Increase Performance is designed to bring together professionals who are working to better harness different experiences and perspectives, and turn tension and conflict into constructive, creative and collaborative engagement.

In recognition of the systemic leadership which is required to achieve the structural and social shifts towards more equitable outcomes, the GCSP has been part of the International Gender Champions (IGC) since 2015 and hosted the IGC Secretariat since 2019.  The network brings together over 340 leaders of missions, international organisations and civil society in six multilateral hubs, each making personal commitments to advance gender equality.  In 2023, Ambassador Thomas Greminger joined other Champions to form an IGC Impact Group to enhance prioritisation and coherence of the WPS Agenda in Geneva, with a focus on human rights.

Going forward, the GCSP is committed to continue to leverage its power to analyse, educate and convene diverse stakeholders.  We are part of the Maison de la Paix Gender and Diversity Hub and are keen to partner with more governments, civil society and international organisations globally to harness our collective wisdom and talent to co-create solutions and influence positive change that brings peace and security to all.

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