Gender and Inclusive Security
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Gender & Inclusive Security

Creating greater inclusion and equality within societies is now critical to build trust, resilience, peace and security.

As the Covid-19 pandemic, and responses to it, heighten vulnerabilities and exacerbate inequalities, there has never been a more critical time to design more effective policies and systems that harness our collective intelligence and advance peace, security and sustainable development.

The Gender and Inclusive Security Cluster works at the nexus of security policy and leadership practice to develop more inclusive policies and practices for more sustainable and resilient peace and security.  We are passionate about gaining a deeper appreciation of systemic challenges and structural inequalities and bringing together our diverse community to understand different contexts and co-create solutions through ‘The GCSP Way'. The GCSP’s global community enables us to exchange diverse perspectives and explore the norms that hold us back, and the behaviours and practices that will accelerate us forward.

We integrate a ‘gender and inclusion lens’ into our core security courses, unpack international frameworks such as the Women Peace and Security Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, and offer policy analysis and opinions in writing and in public discussions. A gender lens enhances our understanding of human security, helping us to challenge our assumptions, see blind spots, and design a more equitable future that mitigates the biases that have become embedded in our systems. We work with other thematic clusters within the GCSP to identify challenges and opportunities and ensure a holistic approach.

Working closely with the Geneva Leadership Alliance, we also offer open- enrolment and customised courses for women and men to develop their mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to lead more inclusively. The Inspiring Women Leaders series of courses and workshops is designed specifically for women from across sectors who continue to be under-representation in decision-making. We help them to develop strategies to overcome the gendered barriers they face in their work environments, social, cultural and political life, whilst building a network of support. Partnerships with the KAIPTC, the UN, the EU and national governments have enabled us to offer a tailor-made course to many women advancing peace and security across Europe and the African continent and we look forward to building our global community further with more online offerings.

Our workshop Leveraging Diversity to Increase Performance is designed to bring together professionals who are working to better harness different experiences and perspectives, and turn tension and conflict into constructive, creative and collaborative engagement.

We welcome initiatives to create spaces for more diverse perspectives to be heard in public discussions, round-table meetings, workshops and interviews.   We partner with governments, civil society and international organisations to share knowledge and experience to advance policy, as well as elevate marginalised and excluded voices.  Please contact us directly if you would like to explore opportunities to collaborate. 

The Gender and Inclusive security cluster is part of the Maison de la Paix Gender and Diversity Hub and the GCSP Creative Spark is currently incubating the International Gender Champions secretariat.


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