Peace Operations and Peacebuilding

The world today is facing extraordinary challenges to international, regional, national and local peace and security. The negative trend witnessed in recent years with an increasingly divided and fragmented international community, a widening gap between governing elites and those who are governed, a rapidly unfolding climate crisis, and an increase in the number and intensity of violent conflicts, has only been accelerated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remaining idle is not an option.

In support of the larger sustaining peace agenda, the GCSP is focused on strengthening leadership for peace at all levels and for peace operations, peacebuilding, and women leadership in particular. We contribute in the areas of 1) capacity building and executive education; 2) policy applicably research and contribution to policy development; and 3) facilitation of inclusive dialogues and critical discussions.

In the area of capacity building and executive education, the GCSP offers a range of core courses and customized alternatives on a broad spectra of themes, issues and for different geographies. Several courses are aimed at preparing civilians and military personnel currently serving in or soon to be deployed in United Nations, European Union, other regional organizations, national or local peace building missions and / or peace operations. Our participant groups include the peace and security stakeholder community with representatives from intergovernmental, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, including the private sector, the media and civil society.

We provide a dynamic and interactive digital and face to face learning environment. We challenge and empower our participants to deepen their understanding and competences, to sharpen their skills and to master the tools required to make a real difference for peace and security today and tomorrow.


“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the GCSP for supporting the 2020 virtual United Nations Police Week… and for very ably facilitating our session on the Future of United Nations Policing, which stimulated forward-looking thinking on how we work.” Luis Carrilho, Police Adviser, Department for Peace Operations, United Nations, December 2020


GCSP contributes to peace operations and peacebuilding development primarily in association with the following mechanisms:

  • Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Armed Forces
  • United Nations Department for Peace Operations (UNMAST, UNPCC, UNPOL)
  • EU Civilian Training WG for Leadership and Management of CSDP Missions and Ops
  • EU Military Training WG for Leadership and Management of CSDP Missions and Ops
  • European Security and Defence College
  • International Leadership Association
  • Geneva Peacebuilding Platform and Geneva Peace Week
  • Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network
  • International Association of Peace Operations Training Centers
  • European Association of Peace Operations Training Centers
  • TAPS International
  • Challenges Forum
  • A broad range of national and international partner organizations and institutions.





  • European Union Civilian Training Group Leadership and Management Training Development Requirement Assessment, 2019-2021.
  • European Union Military Training Group Leadership and Management Training Development Requirement Assessment, 2019-2021.
  • European Association of Peace Operations Trainings Centers Annual Conference 2021, Panel on What’s New and Next in European Leadership and Management Training for Peace Operations and Missions?, panel co-organized by the GCSP, ZIF and Swedish Defence University, 12 May, 2021
  • Global Peace Index 2021 Launch, co-hosted by the GCSP with the Institute of Economics and Peace, 9 June 2021
  • African Peace and Security Annual Conference 2021 on Women, Peace and Security in Africa, Panel on Global Peace Index launch, organized by the Policy Center for the New South, Morocco, 21-23 June
  • UNSCR 1325 Twenty Years down the Road - A Regional View on Participation, Protection, Prevention, Relief and Recovery, hosted by the Austrian Ministry of Defence and the Kreisky Forum, Vienna. Panel on “The Future of the WPS Agenda: Future Approaches, Thematic Emphasis and the “Added Value” of Women in PSO - Critical Reflections, 27-28 September 2021.
  • International Leadership Association Annual Conference 2021: Reimagining Leadership Together (ILA2021), 20-25 October, 2021:
    • International Leadership in Forging a Path to Human Security through Technology, co-organized by the GCSP and Palantir Technologies Australia
    • Leading for Peace - The Emerging Leaderless Leadership Phenomenon, organized by the GCSP
    • International Interventions in the Aftermath of Afghanistan: What Lessons for Leading Peace Operations?, co-organized by the GCSP, the  ILA, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, and Peace Messenger Liberia.
    • Reimagining Leadership for Peacebuilding…Measuring and Quantifying Peacefulness in Positive Change, co-organized by the GCSP and the Institute of Economics and Peace
    • Practices for Training Women Leaders in Peace and Security, co-organized by GCSP, UNITAR and Unconventional International
    • Shared Leadership, Shared Future: Leading Urgency and Resilience in the Climate and Peace Emergency, co-organized by the GCSP and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform.
    • Watch videos from GCSP participation in ILA 2020: Leading at the Edge: Turning War Grief into Positive Leadership for Peace;  Adaptive Leadership for Sustaining Peace in a Turbulent, Pandemic World
  • Geneva Peace Week 2021, 1-5 November:
    • Leadership for Peace - Operationalizing the Findings and Recommendations of GPW 2021 co-organized by the GCSP and the International Leadership Association, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Peace Messenger Liberia, Palantir Technologies and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform
    • Watch video from GPW 2020: Adaptive Leadership in Support of Sustaining Peace in a Pandemic Environment
  • International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers Annual Conference 2021, Panel on Preparing Mission Leaders, co-organized by the Ministry of Defence of Peru and the Cairo Center for Conflict Prevention and Peacekeeping in Africa, 9 November, 2021
  • Rising Global Peace Forum 2021, Panel on Leadership for Peace, organized by Coventry University, United Kingdom, 10 November, 2021