The Geneva Security Debates

Geneva Security Debates


The vision of a more connected, united, and compassionate world is in peril. The world is increasingly divided, confronted with a burgeoning geopolitical crisis, a climate emergency and an ever-widening divide between those living in dire need and conflict, and those living in prosperity and peace. Increasing political voices are promoting a return to a world where insular nations battle for their own self-interests.

It is therefore critical to provide space for the many global stakeholders who still believe that the world’s greatest challenges are shared jointly and will need to be tackled collectively, not only at the national level but also at the regional and global level – taking both a cooperative, multilateral and sustainable approach. 

In June 2022, the GCSP launched its new platform “The Geneva Security Debates.” The debates consist of monthly public discussions on current security challenges, bringing together the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners in interactive discussions.

These Geneva Security Debates inform policy makers here in International Geneva as well as globally, providing new insights and allowing for joint reflection. The debates will contribute to the building of global policy networks both in academia and in the political realm, in the interest not only of a better understanding of today's security challenges, but also of a more harmonious collaboration to build a better, more equitable, sustainable and peaceful future.



Past Geneva Security Debates: