Terrorism and Preventing Violent Extremism

Criminal and terrorist groups are threatening cities and prolonging conflicts challenging human security worldwide. Weak states, technology, media, ideology, and exclusion advance their power.

In order to address this global threat, the terrorism and organised crime cluster works closely with international partners to focus on systematic efforts to counter the appeal of violent extremism and criminality The terrorism and organised crime cluster places particular emphasis on preventing violent extremism (PVE) – specifically focusing on how violent extremism in general, and extremist and terrorist groups in particular, are evolving.

The cluster is addressing the challenges posed by the growing number of non-state armed groups in the world. The cluster has designed a course on the protection of civilians in armed conflict. This course focuses on the challenges posed by the presence of non-state armed groups to civilians and humanitarian workers in the areas that they control.

The cluster is also helping countries to fulfill their ability to implement UN Security Council Resolution 2178 by providing policymakers and practitioners with a course that gives them the right tools to build and design national action plans on preventing violent extremism.



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