Global Alumni Networking Night (GANN) - Conakry

It's Global Networking Night!

The GCSP community throughout the world will come together for an evening of informal networking and engagement. 

Meet the GCSP community in your vicinity. Make new connections. See old friends. Explore opportunities.



Date: Thursday, 07 November 2019
Time: 18:30
Location: Conakry, Guinea
Event details: Prima Center (Restaurant), Kipé, Kaporo Rails, Commune de Ratoma, Transversale Bambeto -Kipé Centre Emeteur, face à la clinique Mère et Enfant, Conakry, 303
Food and drinks are available for sale
Contact details: Tamba Tolno
Secondary contact details:  GCSP Community Engagement Team
[email protected] +41 22 730 96 32 / +41 22 730 96 65