The Creative Spark

The GCSP Creative Spark supports senior experts and practitioners in making their innovative project a reality. Experience, expertise, successes and failures feed our applied research and allow us to provide forward-looking solutions and transformational ideas for a more peaceful future.


What does the Creative Spark offer to its members

In a turbulent and polarizing world, the GCSP Creative Spark leverages the ‘Esprit de Genève’ and the Swiss values of impartiality, inclusiveness and independence, as well as Geneva’s position as a hub of global affairs in peace, security, health, human rights, humanitarian, trade and finance. Fellows have a unique risk-free space to test ideas, innovate and gain a holistic view of security challenges by gathering feedback from experts with broad perspectives. They are able to connect to and collaborate with people across sectors and break down silos of knowledge, expertise, methodology and experience, to strengthen ideas and develop policy and practices advancing sustainable peace and development. Fellows contribute to and benefit from the GCSP’s leading education environment.  They are able to learn about and integrate the most innovative tools in leadership, education and strategic policy development. 

The Creative Spark offers applicants presenting promising ideas with a high likelihood of generating sustainable impact on international peace and security an up to 12 months programme, where the GCSP provides targeted support to convert innovative efforts into reality.  This includes but is not limited to office space, business & marketing strategy services, business operation, legal support, media marketing services, accounting and financial management, training, networking opportunities and seed funding.   



Some of the ideas that the Creative Spark helped develop are the following:


A public-private partnership, GCERF was established to serve as the first global effort to support local, community-level initiatives aimed at strengthening resilience against violent extremist agendas. Operating at the nexus of security and development, GCERF is committed to working in partnership and consultation with governments, civil society, and the private sector in beneficiary countries to support national strategies to address the local drivers of violent extremism.




Climate Action Accelerator


The Climate Action Accelerator (CAA) is a new, non-profit initiative, launched with the aim to mobilise large-scale climate action. Its goal is to help as many organisations as possible to directly halve their emissions by 2030, in line with the Paris Agreement. Learn more



Securaxis is a Geneva start up developing human safety solutions by leveraging new technologies and IoT. Thy help more than 20’000 customers all around the world to enhance their safety making real-time data-informed decisions.


MAP Initiative


MAP is a creative consulting and talent agency representing top media and arts professionals from conflict zones and diaspora communities. They train and consult on the strategic application of media and arts for transformational social change.


CyberAid Logo


Cyber-aid is a people public private collaboration on cyber-security, artificial intelligence and digital. They help individuals, companies and municipalities learn about new technologies, anticipate changes together and adapt and grow.


TJag Logo


Terrorism Joint Analysis Group (T-JAG) was formed at the GCSP in 2017. Its purpose is to provide a more global approach to fighting terrorism. The group delivers timely analysis to both the public and private sectors on the global manifestations of terror.


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What does the Creative Spark offer its partners

With our 25 years’ experience in the fields of peace and security, we help our partners identify promising forward-looking solutions and transformational ideas for a more peaceful future. We know the needs and challenges in these fields and we therefore are able to assess for you the most innovative and impactful projects that will make their mark and change the trajectory of the future.


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