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Dr Sanjay Pooran
Position(s) MD, FRCPI, FFPHMI , FFPH , LLB , MBA , MFFLM, MSc (Int Rel) Global Specialist Infectious Disease and Public Health Physician (Health Security)

Uniquely qualified specialist global public health and infectious diseases physician. He has  held positions as Director of Public Health , Chief Scientific Adviser and international relations technical lead with qualifications, training and over 10 years of experience with the WHO, PHAC, NHS,NIH , CDC , and Global Ministries of Health , LATAM and CARICOM in healthcare economics, public health medicine, infectious disease , aviation medicine, epidemiology, global strategy and diplomacy, HIV prevention and sexual health. He has experience in AFRO, SEARO, WPRO, EMRO, EURO and PAHO regions and countries in emerging economies, fragile, conflict and post-conflict states, small island states on projects on behalf of the WHO, World Bank, EU, national governments, advocacy organizations and trade associations. Past member of the WHO IHR Roster of Experts on Health Law, Ethics and Human Rights and infectious diseases specialising in counter-proliferation and the security implications of global health. Dr Pooran’s research interests centers on the interdisciplinary approach to geopolitical issues and the evolution of international relations outside the traditional parameters of social sciences , but at the interface of science and policy. He has examined the link between the narco trafficking trade in the Caribbean and Latin America to international NGO’s and their power to influence and shape global policy directions using intelligence gathering and regional security apparatus to bypass legislation. His current research focuses on Afghanistan and the shape shifting ability of the Mujahdeen ( similar to what any virus can do ) to what it is today by examining the rising influence of  Russia , Turkey ,Pakistan and China as the only sustainable form of security provisions within Afghanistan. His current work also focuses on the following:


1. What have terror groups learnt from the IRA

2. Legitimizing terrorist groups as political parties and how have the Taliban rewritten the art of negotiation

3. USA and China: Human rights abuse OR covert narcissism and the roles they have played in foreign policy decisions , from COVID to Kabul .


His current assignment in the form of a book  “ Ten pandemic causing pathogens to look out for “ is in the final stages of floating around in space.

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22 September 2021