Expert Profile

Ms Natascha Hryckow
Position(s) Former Coordinator, United Nations Panel of Experts on Somalia

Ms Natascha Hryckow is an Associate Fellow within the Global Fellowship Initiative of the GCSP. Ms. Hryckow is an experienced leader of multilateral interventions with a particular interest in conflict and post conflict environments. Senior management roles include Regional Conflict Advisor for the World Health Organisation with a particular focus on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen (2017/18), Political Director and Head of country for Somalia and Kenya for the European Maritime Capacity Building mission EUCAP Nestor, (2012/13), Political Director and Deputy for the Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) (2010/11). In addition she has dealt with crises in Syria 2016/17, Guinee (Ebola response) 2013/14, Darfur 2008, Timor Leste 2007, and Pakistan 2006.  Her board experience includes serving as the Inaugural Chair of the Conflict Analysis Network, (CAN), as the current treasurer for The International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP) and serving as a non-executive director with RedR Australia. Ms. Hryckow holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Science from La Trobe University (Australia), and was awarded a Rotary Peace-Building Fellowship to attend Chulalongkorn University (Thailand). She speaks English and French. In addition to being an Australian national, she also holds citizenship of the United Kingdom.