Expert Profile

Mr Jean-Pierre Therre
Position(s) Executive Vice President, Head of Technology Risk and Corporate Continuity Management, Pictet & Cie Group

Mr Jean-Pierre Therre is an Associate Fellow within the Global Fellowship Initiative of the GCSP. Jean-Pierre Therre is Executive Vice President at the Pictet & Cie Group, having served 10 years as the Group’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) before being recently appointed as Head of Technology Risk and Corporate Continuity Management. The Pictet & Cie Group, with HQ in Geneva, Switzerland, is an international financial and banking institution dedicated to wealth and institutional asset management. Mr Therre works primarily on enterprise-wide risk management and corporate resilience, focusing on strategic security governance, crisis and business continuity management. 

In this context, Mr Therre is a regular speaker at major international security events and a distinguished security advisor for Swiss parliamentary/governmental institutions, as well as for various professional organisations. A longtime member of the selective ASIS International CSO Roundtable, Mr Therre was recently invited to join the Geneva Center for Security Policy as an Associate Fellow, Global Fellowship Initiative, in the Emerging Security Challenges programme.

Since 2004, Mr Therre has taught as university lead lecturer and is a member of various steering committees, mainly at the University of Geneva (HEC Executive and Institute for Global Studies), at the University for Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (i.e. HEG Genève, HEIG-VD Yverdon) and at the Police Academy.

Starting his career in 1979 as a qualified armament engineer in the defense and aerospace/aeronautics sector (DoD/DGA/SPAé), Mr Therre has been committed for more than 15 years to information technology, and especially to high performance computing and networks (HPCN), first as a senior analyst/manager at Cray Inc., USA, then as HPC technology director at Digital Equip. Corp./European HQ.

Prior to joining the financial sector, Mr Therre has long served as Managing/General Director of the Swiss Center for Supercomputing (ETHZ/CSCS Manno & Zurich), a national leading competency center dedicated to foster industrial and research initiatives through very high performance computing capacity and state-of-the-art numerical expertise.

An alumnus of the International IMD, of the UPenn/Wharton SoB and of the Cornell University, Mr Therre holds a Master of Science degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-EPF). He also earned an MBA (High Hon., HEC) from the University of Geneva and a Master in Law and Economics (Hon., Intern. Relations, Defense and Security) from the University of Lyon 3.

A former auditor of the French Institute for Higher National Defense Studies (IHEDN), Mr Therre developed certified competencies, first in European security and defense policy (NATO DC and US Inter American DC) and later in homeland security (Advanced HSEC Program, Tel Aviv University, Israel).