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Dr Dmitri V. Trenin
Position(s) Director, Carnegie Moscow Center, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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Dr Dmitri V. Trenin is an Associate Fellow within the Global Fellowship Initiative of the GCSP. He retired from the Russian Army in 1993. From 1993–1997, Trenin held a post as a senior research fellow at the Institute of Europe in Moscow. In 1993, he was a senior research fellow at the NATO Defense College in Rome.

Born in Moscow in 1955, he graduated from the Military Institute of the Soviet Defense Ministry in 1977. His military service included assignments with the military assistance group in Iraq (1975-76), the external relations department of the Soviet high command in Germany (1978-83), the USSR delegation to the nuclear and space talks in Geneva (1985-91), and teaching English and area studies at the current Defense University in Moscow. In 1993, he was the first non-NATO officer selected as a senior research fellow by the NATO Defense College in Rome. Dmitri Trenin resigned from the Russian Army in October 1993 as a lieutenant colonel.

Trenin won his Ph.D. in diplomatic history in 1984 from the Institute of the United States and Canada in Moscow. He has published widely on international relations and security issues. His publications include (in English) Linking Transatlantic and Eurasian Security: Prospects for Peace Operations (1993), Baltic Chance: The Baltic States, Russia and the West in the Emerging Greater Europe (1997), Russia’s China Problem (1998) and The End of Eurasia: Russia’s Borders Between Geopolitics and Globalization (2001).

Dr. Trenin is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London and the Russian Association of International Studies. He serves on the editorial boards of International Politics (Kluwer Law Publications) and Pro et Contra (a Russian policy journal).

Dmitri Trenin speaks English and German fluently and has a working knowledge of French.