Expert Profile

Dr Caty Clément
Position(s) Academic, consultant, practitioner

Caty Clément holds a PhD International Relations and Comparative Politics. She has worked extensively in Africa focusing on conflict and fragile states both as a practitioner and an academic.

As a practitioner, Dr Clément has been a regional expert at the UN Security Council group of Experts investigation violations of the DRC Arms Embargo. She was already well acquainted with the Central Africa Region having directed the Great Lakes Project for the International Crisis Group. At the World Bank Fragile States Unit (LICUS), she was also a team leader in the Central African Republic on DDR.

As an academic, Dr Clément most recently taught Comparative Political Systems at the University of Geneva. She was a fellow at the Harvard University Kennedy School (Belfer Center on International Security and World Peace Foundation) and a Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Louvain. Policy oriented, she developed a toolkit of early warning indicators of state fragility at the World Bank.

Dr Clément's interests include fragile states, SSR-DDR, peacebuilding, sanctions, mediation, collaborative leadership and Africa, particularly the Great Lakes. She is currently a board member of the Henry Dunant Foundation.