Expert Profile

Mr Karim Wasfi
Position(s) Founder of Peace through Art and former Chief Conductor and Director of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra

Mr Karim Wasfi is an Associate Fellow within the Global Fellowship Initiative of the GCSP. 

Chief Conductor and Director, Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, 2006-2016

Conductor, soloist performing between USA, Europe and the Middle East. Winner of the United Arab Emirates Humanitarian of the Year prize. Founder of Peace through the Arts Initiative.

Mr Wasfi orchestrates global peace as cultural diplomacy overcoming instability, supports efforts of de-radicalization, prevents tension through capacity building. He empowers education efforts to prevent intimidation, boosts higher levels of awareness and consciousness and enlightenment, inspires future leaders.

His focus is on de-radicalization through the arts, creative thinking and cognitive psychology, as well as preserving the momentum towards economical partnership and development. He bridges cultural gaps by mixing diverse cultures through the arts, and prevents terror, tension and violence through music. Mr Wasfi has developed social-political modules based upon the psychology of conducting patterns, as well as youth orchestras in Iraq. He has founded new orchestral techniques for intensive development through improvisations, new healing approaches through improvisations, and a music program for orphans and the displaced. He established the I&I Scholarship Program for the Merella Ferrini School for instrumental music and opera at the Italian CUBEC Belcanto Academy of Modena.

Mr Wasfi was a visiting member of the Transatlantic institute in Washington D.C., a cultural and political expert for MNFI and USMC. He managed the rehabilitation of municipal projects in Iraq, moderated UNHCR conferences, helped form the tribal alliance in western Iraq, formed the office business council of Anbar, materialized the concept of the awakening and reconciliation in central and western Iraq, and executed the first cultural and leadership building strategy for youth, instrumental in reconciliation efforts as well as the inspiration of the future leaders.