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Dr Tania Tam
Position(s) Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Office of Transition Initiatives, USAID and Executive-in-residence Fellow at the GCSP

Dr. Tania Tam is a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor for USAID's Office of Transition Initiatives and an Executive-in-residence Fellow at the GCSP. She received her doctorate from Oxford University, studying the the Psychology of Conflict in Northern Ireland twenty years ago, at a time of violent sectarian conflict, examining how traditionally antagonistic communities can build empathy, forgiveness, and trust between them. Since then she has worked for many international organizations, including the ICRC, NATO, the Singaporean Army, and the UN. Tania speaks four languages, and she has worked in over 30 countries in a wide range of fields, including Peace & Conflict, Food Security, Health, Innovation, Governance, Humanitarian Protection, and of course Monitoring and Evaluation. Her work has been widely published in top journals in the field. Tania loves the study of psychology and talking about how people live an emotionally rich life, and has also been a Psychology Professor in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as an improv actor and musician. 

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20 June 2024