Global Fellowship Fund

We aim to attract a wide cohort of GCSP Global Fellows: diplomats, military officers, leaders from the nonprofit and profit sectors, journalists and scientists from different countries; women and men of all ages. With the Global Fellowship Fund, we seek to raise funds in order to provide promising candidates the opportunity to take advantage of a fellowship opportunity at the GCSP.

Support the Fund

Donors are invited to contribute to the Fund according to their specific interests and according to their means available.

State donors have the possibility to support through the Fund officials from their government/ from governments of priority countries to take up residency at the GCSP.

Industry partners and private foundations can fund individuals who pursue projects that lay within their mandates.


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Any questions? Want to apply? Please contact:
+41 (0)22 730 96 94

Prof. Vitaly Naumkin

"It is important to come to Geneva, to be unbiased and to share views between experts on civil wars and conflicts."

Prof. Vitaly Naumkin, GCSP Associate Fellow