Alumni International Community Hubs

Alumni International Hubs

The GCSP encourages the establishment of Alumni Community Hubs to foster a greater sense of union among GCSP alumni living in the same area and to create a global community in international security policy.

GCSP Alumni Community Hubs can be diverse in nature; from large, formally structured organisations to more informal ones. The hubs are founded and run on a voluntary basis by local alumni.

Only one GCSP Alumni Community Hub will be recognised by the GCSP in each country. It is advisable to be in contact with the GCSP before establishing a regional hub in order to avoid duplication. Recognised GCSP Alumni Community Hubs are listed below.

GCSP Alumni Affairs will support all initiatives for the establishment of GCSP Alumni Community Hubs. Contact

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Belgium GCSP Alumni
Inaugurated on 27.09.2007


Col (GS) retd Guido Maene, President (ITC 2001)
Col Xavier Raedts, Treasurer (ITC 2011)
Cdt Gregory Bogaerts, Secretary (ETC 2013)


Egypt GCSP Alumni
Inaugurated on 28.03.2017

Mr Ramy Reda Elsayed, President (LISC 2016)


Ethiopia GCSP Alumni
Inaugurated on 09.10.2017

Mr Nolawi Melakedingel Engdayehu (POLADS 2016)


France GCSP Alumni
Inaugurated on 20.05.2016

LtCol Flavien Lanet, President (ITC 2014)


Geneva GCSP Alumni
Inaugurated on 07.12.2017

Mr Cristian Olarean, President (ITC 2013)


Sweden GCSP Alumni
Inaugurated on 16.12.2014

Mr Niclas Sjöquist (NISC 2014)



Ms Isabelle Gillet

Senior External Relations & Communications Officer
Alumni Affairs

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