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22 - 24 May 2018
The European Association of Peace Operations Training Centres Annual Seminar 2018

On 22-24 May 2018, more than one hundred high-level trainers, strategic thinkers and other leading experts on peacekeeping and peace operations, from Europe and beyond, will gather at the Maison de la Paix in Geneva.

22 May 2018
One Health, One Planet. Environment and Health in the Human Security Agenda

Many of today’s most complex challenges to human security are linked to health and environmental degradation. Pollution kills 9mln people per year. 

23 May 2018
Strategic Trends 2018 “The US-Russia-China Triangle and the Future of European Security”

A Public Discussion, with the Center for Security Studies of the ETH Zurich

25 May 2018
31 May 2018
Alumni Reception, Moscow

A reception hosted by His Excellency, the Swiss Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Mr Yves Rossier

31 May 2018
Inauguration Reception - GCSP Alumni Community HUB - Georgia

Connect with GCSP Alumni on the occasion of the official opening of the Georgia Alumni Community Hub

14 Jun - 15 Nov 2018
Les rendez-vous de la migration

Cycle de conférences, avec l'Hospice Général et Initiatives et Changement

14 Jun 2018
SEVEN on Tour (Geneva)

SEVEN stories. SEVEN women. 

Register for SEVEN

25 Jun 2018
Russia and Europe: International Law as Bone of Contention or Common Denominator?

This public discussion is the third event of Security and Law: A Reality Check


Prof. Vitaly Naumkin

"It is important to come to Geneva, to be unbiased and to share views between experts on civil wars and conflicts."

Prof. Vitaly Naumkin, GCSP Associate Fellow
Dr Jon Alterman

"One of the interesting things about Geneva is how many different voices you can bring in."

Dr Jon Alterman, GCSP Associate Fellow
Amb. Jean-David Levitte

“Geneva is a place where peace can be built, and where the suffering of the poorest and weakest is taken into account.”

Amb. Jean-David Levitte, GCSP Associate Fellow