General information

What is the primary function of the Centre?

It is to promote peace, security and international cooperation through executive education, research and dialogue. We train government officials, diplomats, military officers, international civil servants, NGO staff and private sector executives in pertinent fields of international peace and security. Through research and publications, workshops and conferences, we also provide an internationally recognised forum for dialogue on key security and peace policy issues in the interest of effective security policy decision-making. Some of the latter activities aim to facilitate discreet dialogue in post-conflict situations.

What is the Centre’s legal status and governance structure?

We are an international foundation, with 48 member states and the Canton of Geneva, forming our Foundation Council. Initially composed of ten European countries, Russia and the Canton of Geneva, the Council successively welcomed new members from Eastern Europe, the Balkan region, North America, Africa and Asia.

How is the Centre funded?

The Swiss government is the principal contributor to GCSP's budget. Other Foundation Council members, partner states, and institutions also support the GCSP by seconding faculty, funding scholarships, and contributing to other aspects of the Centre's activities.

When was the GCSP created?

The GCSP was established in 1995 by the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, in cooperation with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, as a Swiss contribution to NATO’s Partnership for Peace (PfP). Initially designed to fill a niche in professional training for Swiss nationals only, GCSP’s executive education programmes have been progressively opened to participants from all over the world.

Access and room rental

Where are your offices located?

After being housed at the World Meteorological Organisation building for almost 15 years, the GCSP is now located in the heart of Geneva’s brand new centre of international expertise, the “Maison de la paix” (literally: “House of Peace”). We are surrounded by over 35 international organisations, more than 250 non-governmental organisations, 173 diplomatic missions, representations and delegations.

How do I get to your offices?

We are located at Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2D, between Avenue de France and Avenue de la Paix, in Geneva (a few minute walk from Place des Nations). See how to get to the Centre...

Can I rent conference rooms in the GCSP for an event or a meeting?

Absolutely. We offer modern, spacious, fully equipped conference rooms available next to United Nations agencies and other major international organisations. Our conference rooms are equipped with interactive screens, computer, wifi access, and microphones. Please visit our ‘Room Rental’ page for more information. To book a conference room, please send us a request at receptionist@gcsp.ch or call us at +41 22 730 96 00.

Course admissions and eligibility

Where are your courses held?

The majority of our courses are held at our Geneva premises, located within the Maison de la paix (House of Peace) complex, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2D, CH-1202. We do also offer a number of courses in several other locations worldwide, including (but not limited to) Addis Ababa, Amman, Baku, Bogota, Dakar and Sarajevo. On our course overview page, you have the possibility to filter our courses by location. Have a look around and find the course that is right for you!

What is the language of your courses?

The majority of our courses are conducted in English. A few however are conducted in French or German. Proficiency in the course working language is a requirement for participation. For more information, please visit each course dedicated web page.

How can I apply to one or several of your courses?

You can apply to all our courses online, via each course dedicated web page. If not possible, or for any question or difficulty you may have, please contact the course coordinator, whose contact details you will find on the page.

I am not a governmental official. Can I apply for a course?

Of course. Our DNA is rooted in being multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and global. As a matter of fact, having diversity in our classrooms is paramount to the success of our courses. Therefore, we very much encourage applications from all relevant sectors and industries (governments, international organisations, civil society, private sector, academia, media, etc.).

Do you develop customised courses for ministries, organisations and companies?

We do. We work bilaterally with partners to develop tailor-made and demand-driven projects. Whether you are a government, an international organisation, a private company or a civil society organization, we can partner with you to develop customised courses that are adapted to your needs. Over the course of the past few years, we have created a number of such courses – country and/or issue-specific – in Geneva and abroad.

Can a team from an organisation attend the same course session?

Yes. The GCSP encourages multiple applications from the same organisations/institutions

Is a full-time attendance in the course required? Can I attend only one session of a course?

Punctuality and full-time attendance are required for participation in our courses.

Is there any preparation work to do before the course?

Depending on the course, it is a possibility. There can be pre-course readings, e-modules and presentation preparations. These requirements will be communicated to you by the course coordinator with sufficient warning.

Will I receive a course certificate? Do GCSP courses provide any credits?

All GCSP participants who successfully finish a course receive a certificate of completion. Participants who successfully complete our Master of Advanced Studies in International and European Security – run jointly with the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva – are awarded with 60 credits according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Visas/permits, accommodation & scholarships

What are the formalities to enter Switzerland?

Formalities may differ depending on your nationality. A list of entry procedures for each nationality is available on the Federal Office for Migration's website. For more information, you can also refer to the Swiss Federal Foreign Affairs Department’s dedicated web page.

Do you assist with acquiring entry visas for Switzerland?

Visa acquisition is your own responsibility. Once accepted to a course, the GCSP will provide you, upon your request, with a certificate for your visa application. The GCSP is not a position to enter into contact with the relevant Swiss authorities nor to influence their decisions. Please note that your visa application process can take up to 8 weeks. Start early!

Do you offer scholarships? If so, who is eligible?

A very limited number of partial scholarships may be offered. Attribution of scholarships is based on financial needs. If you desire to be considered for a scholarship, you may communicate this to the course coordinator, whose contact details are available on the course web page. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Do you assist course participants with accommodation?

Participants are expected to find their own accommodation in Geneva. Be aware that this can be a challenging process. We therefore recommend that you start your search as early as possible. Upon request, your course coordinator can assist you in your search by providing recommendations, advice, web links and/or assist with hotel reservations. Please note that the GCSP will not enter into housing contract agreements on your behalf.

Jobs and internships

I wish to apply for an internship at the GCSP. How should I proceed?

We generally offer a range of internship opportunities within our various programmes and departments. Internships are offered to students currently enrolled in International Relations, Development, Political Sciences, Economics, International Humanitarian Law or other relevant programmes, who are eligible to work in Switzerland. Please check our employment section for such opportunities.

I am interested in applying for a job at the GCSP. Do you have openings?

All vacancy announcements are published on our website, in our employment section. Check it regularly to be kept informed of the opportunities we offer.


How can I support your Global Fellowship Initiative?

With the Global Fellowship Fund, the GCSP seeks to raise funds in order to provide promising candidates the opportunity to take advantage of a fellowship opportunity at the GCSP. Donors are invited to contribute to the Fund according to their specific interests and according to their means available. State donors have the possibility to support through the fund officials from their governments/from governments of priority countries to take up residency at the GCSP. Industry partners and private foundations can fund individuals who pursue projects that lay within their mandates.

I am interested in your Global Fellowship Initiative. Can you tell me some more?

The initiative brings together a vibrant, multidisciplinary, multicultural and multigenerational network of like-minded individuals from different horizons and origins. Find out more by visiting our dedicated section or get in touch with us via email at fellows@gcsp.ch.


How many members does the GCSP alumni community have?

The GCSP alumni community has over 4000 members worldwide. Some 700 course graduates join the network every year.

Who are GCSP alumni?

GCSP alumni are graduates of the Centre’s three long-standing courses (LISC, ETC and NISC) as well as the Centre's short courses. The course graduates all are experts in the field of international security policy; military officers, government officials, international civil servants and executives from the private sector, with a global outreach.

How do I access my profile on the Alumni Portal?

Access to the Alumni Portal is available from GCSP’s welcome page. To reset your password, click “Forgot password?” from the sign-in page.

How can I stay in touch with my classmates and with the GCSP community?

The Alumni Portal is your professional and secure on-line gateway to stay in touch with the GCSP alumni community and your former classmates.

How do I manage my personal information on the Alumni Portal?

The link “update your profile” in the Alumni Portal will allow you to update your personal and professional contact information.

Who can see my personal information?

You are the owner of the information you wish to share with the GCSP Alumni Community. You can choose to “show [your] preferred e-mail”, “show [your] organisation” and/or “show [your] job title”.

Can I contribute to GCSP’s website and newsletter?

Of course! We very much welcome contributions from our alumni community. Please get in touch with us via alumni@gcsp.ch so that we can see what the best course of action might be.