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Tobias Vestner Leads Discussions at NATO Roundtable

As part of the events of the 50th Anniversary of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), the Legal Office of NATO's strategic Allied Command Operations held the "NATO Operational Law Discussions" at the Spanish Legion compound in Ronda, Spain.

Tobias Vestner, Cluster Leader within the Security and Law Programme at the GCSP, presented and led the discussions on Responsibility to Protect, Protection of Civilians and Cultural Property Protection. The discussions focused on the legal implications and implementation of these concepts strengthening the protection from harm in armed conflict and violence. While NATO has been a major driver behind these concepts in the international and military realm, NATO continues to study, plan and prepare for their application in current and future operations.

“It was a privilege and stimulating to engage with top NATO and national legal practitioners on such timely policy and legal issues,” said Tobias Vestner, “this was a great example of how GCSP supports a large variety of actors in addressing legal challenges in security affairs.”